biggest plot twist in cinematic history

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Do you enjoy the action scenes? Are there things about your job that you don’t enjoy?

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“Killed 99 bears”

a fact that if actually accomplished, should be put on a tombstone.

My favorite part is “We hope he has gone to rest.” What, like… they weren’t sure? Maybe, if ever the bear uprising should start again, he would rise from the ground to finish what he started and slay that 100th bear?

Was this man so powerful they are concerned he might not have decided to rest at all and is simply biding his time?

The bears made that tombstone.

A warning, and a prayer.

That he really, truely stays down.

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It wasn't like I did Orphan Black and was like, [in a snooty voice] "I can't wait to be nominated for an Emmy." I was just like, "I'm so excited I'm doing this show. I hope I can get through the day without passing out."

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From Latitude of Silence

You Li


The road home isn’t very long, and I know I’ll be getting off soon. But at this moment, I’m feeling such lovely warmth. (Fallen Angels, 1995)

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This episode gets all of the awards.  Every last one.

Stickin’ to my words.^